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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Holidays
  • Going on holiday is not only a great opportunity to relax and recharge, it is a great opportunity to see the world and try something new. Vacationers from places such as Britain, Ireland and Scotland enjoy travelling to different locations during their holidays and Costa Rica seems to be one of the favorites. There are so many fabulous locations around the world, but Costa Rica offers something that most other regions of the world cannot--a true getaway. Staying relatively close to home is safe and easy, but Europe doens't offer the dense rainforests, exotic wildlife and romance of Central America.

    Costa Rica--Hot New Destination for Holiday

    A new trend has been emerging in which Europeans are taking more exotic vacations. Places like Costa Rica are becoming more popular with vacationers from around the world, yet Costa Rica is still unspoiled by hordes of tourists. There are fabulous hotels for very affordable prices, and the natural beauty of the rainforests and the miles of coastline are unparalleled.

    Costa Rica is a great place to get away from the cool weather that is so typical of places such as England and Ireland, particularly during the late autumn to early spring. This is actually the high season in Costa Rica. The average temperature is over 85 degrees on the coasts. The Pacific coast tends to be slightly warmer, but the humidity is less than on the Caribbean coast, so it generally feels more pleasant. The dry season is also during high season.

    Spending the Holidays in Sunny Costa Rica

    The winter holiday season falls right in the middle of Costa Rican high season. For this reason, it is one of the most sought after booking times, and it can cost a premium. Premium resorts in Costa Rica, however, still cost far less than many comparable Caribbean and South Pacific resorts.

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    San Jose Papagayo Gulf beaches are some of the most convenient of all to get to on your Costa Rica vacation. The reason is that San Jose is the hopping off point for most people, wherever in Costa Rica their destination lies. So since you'll be in the area anyway, you'll waste hardly any time traveling. Instead you can spend the maximum vacation time enjoying yourself.

    Many of San Jose Papagayo Gulf beaches are situated mere minutes from the Juan Santamaria Airport, just outside San Jose. If you're the type who gets very impatient to begin the excitement of your vacation once your plane touches down, then the Papagayo Gulf area is a great location for you.

    The Attraction of San Jose Papagayo Gulf Beaches

    Despite the convenience to San Jose, the range of San Jose Papagayo Gulf beaches spans the repertoire of most of Costa Rica's beaches in general and it's fair to say that there's something to please everyone. There are rocky beaches with lots of visual interest as well as smooth sandy ones. Some are more suitable for scuba diving, and others offer great swimming, snorkeling and diving to boot.

    Many of the hotels in San Jose Papagayo Gulf beaches are geared to the vacationer who has a budget. This means that if the more expensive Costa Rica resorts are a little expensive for you, this is the place for you to to look. You can experience all the joys that Costa Rica vacations offer at less expense.

    If you're interested in acquiring retirement or investment property in Costa Rica, San Jose Papagayo Gulf beaches have a number of places where property is for sale. You can even buy businesses in the area if that's where your interests lie. Whether you're interested in Papagayo Gulf for a wonderful vacation or for investment, make sure you get the right advice in the form of a great travel agent or a real estate agent to help you make the most of whatever you're trying to do.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Vacation Rentals
  • Whatever your vacation budget, you can find Costa Rica vacation rentals to suit you. From an apartment, to a small beach house, or a large luxury villa, it's all available wherever in Costa Rica you want to be. If you love the beach, then a beach house it shall be. Or maybe you'd find it more exciting to be able to watch the sun go down behind the Arenal volcano? Perhaps you would love to experience jungle living for a while, and that's possible too.

    Like most of us, maybe you're into luxury. In this case you might choose a luxurious condominium form among the vast range of Costa Rica Vacation Rentals. If you want luxury on the beach, try Flamingo Bay. There's also the famous Tango Mar resort, where you can hire executive homes any size you want.

    Privately Owned Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

    In fact you'll find desirable privately owned Costa Rica vacation rentals throughout Costa Rica. On the Mal Pais beach, you will mostly find people who love to surf. It is a surfer's paradise and you can rent a house or a condominium so that you can step right onto the beach in the morning, and step right off into your home-from-home once you've finished.

    Renting a little way away from your chosen destination will give you cheaper Costa Rica vacation rentals, and these vacation homes can be every bit as luxurious and comfortable as the more expensive ones. But if you consider commuting to and from the beach or your other chosen spot a waste of time, then you'll want to pay a little extra and get a vacation home that's situated exactly where you want it. Whether you love snorkeling, diving, fishing, surfing, hiking or some other pursuit, you can find exactly what you're looking for at a price in Costa Rica.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Surf Schools
  • Finding more Costa Rica surf schools on the country's Pacific coast should come as no surprise. There is, after all, five times more coastline there than along the Caribbean. It's true enough that the country has earned its reputation among surfers thanks to that surf. Don't worry that it will be too much for you, though. Costa Rica surf schools--as the jingle might go--are there to help.

    Learning at Costa Rica Surf Schools

    A word or two about surf conditions for beginners seem in order. Comfortable water temperatures year round mean that you don't need a wet suit. Also, despite the long stretches of big waves that only veterans handle well, between the weather and a few protected spots, there are enough areas that'll you to find conditions you can be comfortable with.

    One of the first lessons you'll absorb from Costa Rica surf schools has to do with waves. First you'll learn about the breaks, that is, the surface on which the wave bows to gravity. You will see beach, point, and reef breaks. As far as left and right are concerned, it's always from the perspective of the surfer. Peaks are those waves that a surfer can ride either left or right.

    The second factor concerns wind, which, of course, helps determine waves. Onshore, offshore, and cross shore are the terms for winds. The worst for surfing is the onshore wind, which blows directly out from land to sea, pretty much making waves unsurfable. Cross shore is not a great improvement. Offshore winds are what you cross your fingers for.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Vacations
  • As you look south to plan your two or three weeks off, think seriously about Costa Rica vacations. Whether your time is in February or August is almost immaterial. The first is the dry season, the high season, when the humidity is low. The second will be humid, with thunderstorms and rain many of the afternoons and evenings. The most spectacular sunsets of Costa Rica vacations come in the wet season.

    If you're on the west coast of Costa Rica, it's hard to go wrong. Temperatures range from 80° Fahrenheit to 100° Fahrenheit all year. You're near the equator, of course. Water sports--scuba diving, surfing, white water rafting, kayaking--are year-round offerings. Whether you ride on horseback along the beach or snorkel over Pacific reefs, you will lose yourself in this jewel of Central America.

    FAQ on Costa Rica Vacations

    As far as getting there is concerned, if you're planning your own Costa Rica vacations, you've probably opted already for the air option. This will take you into either of Costa Rica's two international airports--San Jose or Liberia. Numerous car rental agencies have locations at the airports. Expect to pay in the range of $150 to $450 a week. If your stay is less than 90 days, you probably don't need a visa. If you do need one, the cost is about $25-$25. Health risks include dengue fever, malaria, cholera (low risk), and hepatits.

    Spanish, of course, is the national language. Measures are metric and electricity is 120V, 60Hz. The country very nearly closes down during Easter week. The last week of December is little different. Columbus Day, October 12, is celebrated here as it is elsewhere in the Americas.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Gay Travel In Costa Rica
  • Though the towns in Costa Rica may not take the top prize for gay travel, ( the honor really belongs to cities such as San Francisco, Sydney and Buenos Aires), there are a number of gay friendly areas that attract a crowd. Costa Rica is such a magnificent county and has so many exciting things to do, that it attracts tourists of all kinds. The charm of Costa Rica, however, is that it has been unspoiled by massive tourism, and there are still a number of places you can visit that seem untouched by outsiders altogether.

    San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is the home to the oldest gay disco in Central America. La Avispa, which translates to "the wasp," was built in 1979. This city has a vibrant if not vast gay community, and as with many big cities, there are several gay bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from.

    Gay Friendly Attractions in Costa Rica

    One of the most popular and adored places in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio National Park, located on the central Pacific coast of the country. There are a number of gay and lesbian hotels in this area as well as hotels that are gay friendly. This park is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and lush rainforest. There are also a lot of activities to be found including canopy tours, hiking, deep sea fishing, and horseback riding. There is even a gay naturist beach in the area.

    Many of the gay and lesbian owned and/or operated hotels are small intimate properties that offer a sort of family feeling. The people are warm, open and inviting. In fact, Costa Ricans as a people are known for their friendliness, a huge bonus when traveling abroad.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Sport Fishing
  • One of the most exhilarating and all around fun activities to be enjoyed in Costa Rica is sport fishing. Costa Rica is known the world over for it's excellence in the sport and it's year round season. Experienced sports fishermen frequent the shores of Costa Rica to hone their skills and share in the windfall.

    While there is ample sports fishing on the Caribbean side of the country where tarpon and snook fish are in ample supply, the Pacific side is where the really deep sea action is. It is in the deep underwater formations of the Pacific coastline that large prize fish like marlin, tuna, roosterfish, and sail fish can be found. These fish are attracted to this area because of the large numbers of bait fish available for feeding. There are times of the year when certain fish will be more plentiful in certain areas, but in general, the fishing season is year round.

    Going Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

    If you've ever been sport fishing, a.k.a. deep sea fishing, then you know the attraction. If you haven't been, it may seem like an activity only a few would enjoy. The truth is, sport fishing can be a great time for anyone.

    There is more to sport fishing than just reeling in fish, though that is definitely one of the highlights. Being out on the boat is a great time in and of itself. You can soak up the ocean air and see some of the most beautiful views of the coastline. The same area that attracts sport fish also attracts dolphins, so it is not uncommon to see a group of dolphins swimming along side your boat. Moreover, you'd be surprised by how rewarding it actually is to reel in a big fish of your own.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Arenal Volcano National Park
  • The greatest attraction of the Arenal Volcano National Park is that the volcano is still active on a constant basis at a rate of around two eruptions per hour. Most of this activity is fairly minor, but every now and then Arenal puts on a spectacular display, which has been likened to fireworks. But volcanic activity is by no means all that Arenal has to offer.

    The Views in Arenal Volcano National Park

    The views throughout the Arenal Volcano National Park have to be seen to be believed. The volcanic cone of Arenal rises out of the surrounding rainforest to a height of 1633 meters. Traditionally, visitors amuse themselves with hiking, pampering at one of the luxury resorts situated within the park, or simply lounging and eating. Once night falls, all eyes turn towards the volcano to see what activity is in stall for the evening. Seeing a cap of red hot molten lava spreading around the top of the cone is not something unusual. Nearly every night there is a sight worth seeing on Arenal.

    Although the Arenal Volcano National Park has become a lighthearted tourist attraction where visitors regard the volcanic activity as an amusement, locals know only too well that unexpected volcanic activity can be anything but amusing. Arenal lay dormant for many years until the area was shaken by an earthquake in 1968. A total of eighty-seven people perished as a result of the explosion that followed, and Arenal has been active ever since.

    Although hiking in the Arenal Park is a very pleasant way of passing the time, it is important that visitors realize just how dangerous volcanic activity can be. Tourists have been killed by poisonous gases and burns when hiking on the upper slopes, so the advice is to keep to the recommended hiking trails in the park. You won't be stuck for ideas though. There are entrancing waterfalls, canopy tours, and even wonderfully relaxing thermal springs that you can visit.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Vacations
  • No wonder Costa Rica vacations are the dream destination of so many experienced travelers. Costa Rica is one of those wonderful locations that combine a multitude of different environments so that it's as if you're doing a world tour. You can see so many breathtaking sights all at once. Not yet awash with tourists, Costa Rica is a secret paradise for those in the know.

    Costa Rica Vacations can give you all you crave of waterfalls, fast flowing rivers, jungle, and wildlife. There's even a volcano that provides regular displays for the benefit of onlookers. The diverse ecosystems that make up Costa Rica support over 10,000 different kinds of flowering plants, 850 various bird species, an amazing 3,000 different kinds of butterflies, and 209 kinds of animals. So whether you're a scientist, or simply a person wanting to experience an unspoiled environment, Costa Rica vacations have a great deal to offer in every way.

    Why Cost Rica Vacations?

    Costa Rica is famed for its bird population, which includes many rare and beautiful species. Take the Resplendent Quetzal for example, which is judged by many to be the most beautiful bird in the Western hemisphere. Also to be found are Toucans and Macaws, and even Indigo Capped Hummingbirds. Sightings of these birds are held to be among the greatest privileges of dedicated birdwatchers everywhere.

    If you like beaches, Costa Rica has two vastly diverse from each other, being situated between the Pacific and the Caribbean. On the Caribbean side you will find mangrove swamps and sandy beaches. On the Pacific side is rocky and rugged and about five times as long as the Caribbean coastline. Because it is tropical, you can only experience two seasons in Costa Rica; wet and dry. There is no cold to speak of.

    If you don't like rain, then take your Costa Rica vacation between late December and April. If you don't mind a little rain, you can take your vacation anytime. Because it is a mountainous country, the main influence on weather temperatures is altitude. For example, San Jose is referred to as having eternal spring, where the temperatures stay at around 60° Fahrenheit. For those who like it hot, the coastal areas should be their destination, where the temperature is often around 86° Fahrenheit during the day on the Caribbean coast and warmer still on the Pacific coast, both being also very humid.

    Transport in Costa Rica

    Getting around during Costa Rica vacations should not be a great problem. Because most Costa Ricans do not have cars, the public transport system is well developed and quite reliable. The buses, while not particularly comfortable, are at least cheap and frequent. The railway system is no longer working since the 1991 earthquake. There are internal airlines, but seats need to be booked far in advance. If you prefer not to travel with so many people, you can hire a car or a taxi for any length of journey you like.

    Despite the slowly rising stream of tourists taking Costa Rica vacations, and the development that normally accompanies flourishing tourism, Costa Rica is still protected by a conservation program that is one of the most ambitious in all of South America. In addition to participating in "debt for nature" swaps, where some of a country's national debt is cancelled in return for conservation, there is also a booming eco tourism business. In addition, despite conservation, there is still deforestation taking place, mainly to make way for cattle ranching. But on the whole, Costa Rica vacations will still offer you access to some of the most unspoiled biodiversity on the planet.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Wild On Costa Rica
  • As you look at vacations in the topics you suddenly realize why so many are wild on Costa Rica. Barely the size of West Virginia but with as much coastline as California, this jewel of Central America is bisected by volcanic mountains down its center. These are flanked by rainforests, cut by rivers, and all home to an amazing number of eco-systems.

    Who's Wild on Costa Rica?

    Breathtaking in its biodiversity, the country is a naturalist's delight. Birdwatchers are especially wild on Costa Rica. It is home to about 850 species of birds, more than all of North America. Among these are the scarlet macaw, blue-gray tanagers, great kiskadees, and crimson-fronted parakeets. Most renowned is the quetzal, a resplendent bird that lives in the cloud forests of Monteverde and in the central volcanic mountains.

    Just as wild on Costa Rica, however, are the surfers who flock to both the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts. They leave their wetsuits behind because the water is warm year round. Wave swells peak between April and September for Caribbean surfers. The season on the Pacific lasts all year. Scuba divers also flock to Costa Rica, whether for the great reef in the Caribbean or the cup coral of the Pacific northwest.

    Golfers have caught the same bug as everyone else, and for just as much reason. About 25 years ago the Fazios designed a course near the capital, San Jose. Since then the word has gotten out. A Trent Jones course has gone up in the northwest, near Tamarindo. Fairways and greens are flanked by mountain ranges, rain forest, and ocean breezes, and monitored by macaws and howler monkeys.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Wedding Planners
  • Getting a wedding planner to assist you in the preparations for your Costa Rican wedding is essential. Not being able to physically be there all the time will drive you crazy as your wedding approaches. Having a trusted wedding planner can make all of the difference.

    If you can get a recommendation for a wedding planner, you should. That is the best option. Not all wedding planners are made equal, and your wedding is too important to trust an unqualified stranger. You should thoroughly research any planner before you hire him or her. Ask for references from couples he or she has recently worked with and call them. If you are getting married at a particular hotel, the hotel should either have planners on staff of be able to recommend a few. This is another good way to find a planner.

    Using Your Wedding Planner Effectively

    Don't rely entirely on your wedding planner if at all possible. You should help out by being in contact with your vendors and keeping a paper trail of all correspondence. If you have a concrete image of what you want your wedding to look like, you should send pictures to the planner as well as the vendors rather than describing it over the phone.

    Wedding planners local to Costa Rica will have a wealth of information and expertise about the area. Let your planner suggest details that might make the wedding fit into the cultural landscape. Why go all the way to Costa Rica for your wedding if you are going to make it look like one that happened down the street? Your wedding planner can suggest local cuisine, music and favors that can enhance the theme of your wedding.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Travel
  • The problem with the subject of Costa Rica travel is a simple one. The country is small, barely the size of West Virginia. It is a slender strip of land in the middle of Central America, bordered almost equally by Nicaragua, Panama, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Bisected by volcanic mountains, rivers, rain forests, and amazing biodiversity, Costa Rica is flanked by some 785 miles of pristine white coastline. The problem is that there is much too much to say about Costa Rica travel. All of it is good.

    A democratic country independent from Spain for more than 180 years, Costa Rica does not have or seem to need an army. It has instead a strong education system, solid technology and tourism sectors, and a fairly high standard of living. It also offers incredible hospitality, comfortable accommodations, and spectacular sunsets--especially in the wet season (from April through November).

    Costa Rica Travel Options

    Although you can get to Costa Rica by an overland route from Texas, you don't want to waste time covering 2,480 miles getting here. You might be a naturalist wanting to explore the many habitats and more than 500,000 species of flora and fauna living there. Perhaps the climate and slower pace is appealing. Maybe you'd enjoy the variety of white water rafting in the verdure of volcanic mountains one day, and scuba diving at night over beds of cup coral the next.

    Then again, Costa Rica travel might entice you in part with its first-rate golf courses. Several of these meander amidst the Pacific with beautiful approach shots that you can barely conceive of while sitting in Ohio or Connecticut or Kentucky. Furthermore, the notion of a villa resort and restaurant that will cook the marlin you catch has likely caught you.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Honeymoon Locations
  • Most honeymoon locations will offer couples a variety of honeymoon packages to choose from. Buying a package rather than getting services a la carte is a great way to save money. Packages also allow you to free your mind and enjoy all of the amenities of a hotel without adding up the bill in your head.

    Honeymoon packages typically include some of the following amenities. You might receive breakfast in bed one or more mornings. This is a great option because you don't want to have to wake up early to get a meal on your honeymoon. You might also receive a couples' massage on the day of your choice. This is a great way to relax with your new husband or wife. A bottle of champagne, flower arrangement and dinner for two can also accompany a honeymoon package, but for an additional fee.

    Creating a Honeymoon Package for Any Location

    Depending on your interests, some hotels allow you to pick and choose activities to include in your package. You could choose to take a sailing trip, a guided hiking tour, a rafting or kayaking trip, go horseback riding, learn to surf, go deep sea fishing, go mountain biking, and many other things. Creating your own package allows you to tailor your honeymoon to your own interests and save money at the same time.

    Before you choose which activities you want to participate in, it is a good idea to research the location. If you are going to be staying in the world's most beautiful rainforest, you should take advantage of that. You don't want to miss out on fun activities and experiences just because you didn't do the research.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: 4 Star Hotels
  • Four star hotels are properties that are upscale and luxurious. These hotels are some of the most lavish available and are only outdone by the relatively rare and exorbitantly expensive five star hotels. If it is luxury you are looking for, but you don’t want to break the bank, four star hotels are the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

    Four star hotels are known for their service and hospitality. Taking care of their guests is the chief concern for all of the members of the staff. Guests leave impressed with the level of attention they receive. Moreover, these hotels typically offer a wide range of activities and amenities.

    Staying in a Four Star Hotel

    If you choose to stay at a four star hotel, you will immediately notice the stylish design and elegant furnishings of the hotel. This is true for the interior as well as the exterior. Four star hotels typically have well-appointed and landscaped grounds. The interior design usually shows an enhanced attention to detail. Whether the design is tropical, classic, or modern, it is sure to be elegant and memorable.

    Some of the best four star hotels have privacy among their chief virtues. They may offer their guests private villas or guest houses. Guests can enjoy the privacy of their guest rooms or enjoy any of the many amenities the hotel offers. Some of these amenities may include beautiful pool facilities, relaxing day spas, and even excellent restaurants. One thing is for certain, you will not leave a four star hotel disappointed with anything.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Real Estate
  • As a foreigner, you can own Costa Rica real estate without living in the country on a permanent or even temporary basis. Be reassured that foreigners and citizens have equal rights under Costa Rican law. Know that all Costa Rica real estate is registered with the Registro de la Propiedad.

    You'll want your financing lined up at home beforehand, because no local financing is available to foreigners. Transactions can, however, be conducted in U.S. dollars. Closing costs, split evenly between seller and buyer, come to about five percent of the sale price.

    Transfer land and stamp taxes are based on the declared value of the real estate, and legal fees are based on the sale price. Costa Rica real estate tax ranges from about 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent, depending on the declared value of the property. Costa Ricans typically undervalue property as much as 20 percent when registering at the Registro de la Propiedad.

    Available Costa Rica Real Estate

    If you have thoughts of buying beach front property, know that Costa Rican law stipulates beaches as common property. The first 164 feet (50 meters) above the mean tide line are public. Access to a beach cannot be restricted. There are a few exceptions--port areas, land grants, and a few property agreements made before 1973. Along about 85 percent of Costa Rica's coastline, the 492 feet above the first 164 are government controlled. Finally, if there is no zoning plan for the land you're considering, you must prepare one--to cover water, electricity, roads, and public use--and submit it to the municipality for approval.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Honeymoon Ideas
  • There are two schools of thought when it comes to planning a honeymoon. You can either opt for the romantic honeymoon, or the adventurous honeymoon. Both options have their obvious benefits, and choosing which type is right for you is a matter of personal preference.

    Romantic Vs. Adventurous Honeymoons

    Romantic honeymoons typically call for luxurious accommodations at an amazing location. The goal of a romantic honeymoon is to spend as much time relaxing together as a couple as possible. Weddings come with a serious dose of stress and worry, and the honeymoon is a perfect opportunity to mitigate such nuisances. Renting a villa on the edge of a jungle and spending the days lazing about in a two-person hammock or sitting by the pool are perfect activities for a romantic honeymoon. Don't forget the candlelit dinners. They are a must.

    Adventurous honeymoons involve exploration and excitement. This is a chance to try all of the scary things you always wanted to do, such as skydiving, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, or paragliding. Maybe you want to hike through a rainforest or up to an active volcano. When a couple bonds together on an adventure, they are creating a memory they can always cherish.

    There is a third option when it comes to honeymooning. You could combine both schools of thought. You could choose to spend a few days lazing around together before diving into an adventure. The best idea is to simply go with the flow. If you feel like scuba diving one day and sleeping on the beach the next, do it. The most important thing is to do it together.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Honeymoons
  • Think about what you want in a honeymoon. Do you want to spend the entire time cuddled in your new husband or wife's arms, seeing the sights from the comfort of a private terrace? Do you want to have an amazing adventure with your new spouse that you will remember fondly for years to come? Do you want to do a little of both? No matter what your answers to the previous questions, Costa Rica is the perfect place to make all of your honeymoon dreams a reality.

    Costa Rica--The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

    Costa Rica is such a perfect honeymoon destination because it has something for every type of couple. If you want to stay in all day you can rent a gorgeous villa nestled at the edge of the jungle overlooking the ocean. The views from your villa will make you never want to leave.

    However, if you would rather dive into your marriage full force with an exciting adventure, there are plenty of diversions to choose from in Costa Rica. You can go sport fishing on either the Caribbean or Pacific coast. You can go rafting or kayaking down rivers in dense jungle rainforests. You can learn to surf or windsurf on some of the best waves around. You can even go scuba diving with sharks on a treasure hunting expedition. There are really some amazing opportunities for once in a lifetime experiences.

    Costa Rica is basically a year round vacation spot. It really only has two seasons, the dry season and the green season. Even during the green season, which is typically from spring to fall for Americans, there is still an average of five hours of sunshine every day. Besides, the temperatures are over 80 degrees on the coasts most days of the year.

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    Although the San Jose International Airport is Costa Rica's main airport, it is still small by comparison. As a result, flying into Costa Rica is by no means the struggle that we are all familiar with in international airports. Usually, you should be clear of customs and on your way within twenty minutes.

    Merits of San Jose International Airport

    Speed, however, is not the only thing that this airport has to recommend it. International travelers extol its virtues again and again because it is clean, neat and efficient. This is just the kind of experience you want when you're on vacation, especially if it is your once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation, or your honeymoon. Bad airport experiences can ruin a trip, no doubt about it.

    The reason so many travelers fly into Costa Rica through San Jose International Airport, and make San Jose their hopping off point to the rest of the country is simple. San Jose is pretty central and from here you can easily and quickly reach any other part of the country. If you don't want to spend a lot of time traveling head for the Papagayo Gulf beaches that are really close to San Jose. You'll be vacationing in no time at all.

    San Jose International Airport, which is known to locals as the Juan Santamaria airport, has a small selection of great gift shops. There is the usual selection of souvenir stores and others where you can check out selections of free chocolate and coffee bean samples, so make sure you don't miss them. Some travelers bewail the lack of places to eat here, but since you're only minutes away from a great choice of local hotels and restaurants, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Costa Rica Villas
  • Booking Costa Rica villas for your holiday instead of going for hotels is a lovely idea. You'll have the holiday you want and yet get your own home-away-from-home. Staying in a hotel can be a wonderful experience, but for some who have been doing it for years, the novelty is beginning to wear off and they're looking for something a little more from their vacations.

    You can find a wide range of Costa Rica villas for rent. Whether you have in mind something small and cozy on the beach, or something large and elegant for a dream vacation with more than a touch of luxury, it's all there for you in Costa Rica. Prices are very variable, and how much you pay depends not only on the level of luxury you're going for, but how far away you want to be from your chosen spot, such as the beach, the volcano or the jungle.

    What Type of Costa Rica Villas?

    If you're one of those people who considers even a short trip to get to your dream activity a waste of time, then it will be worth it to you to pay more. You will then have the satisfaction of knowing that you're not spending one second of your vacation doing anything you don't like to do. If this accurately describes your feelings, be sure to mention to your travel agent that you're only interested in considering Costa Rica villas that are in your chosen location.

    Other issues you should think about when looking for Costa Rica villas for rent are whether or not you want maid service, whether or not you need a pool and whether you want to be in a position to make friends around you, or whether you prefer complete privacy. If privacy is very important to you, don't forget to check whether your villa is overlooked, and if so by whom. These details are all very important if you're to have the vacation you plan for.

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  • 09/17/08--18:16: Tamarindo Vacations
  • Once you look at Costa Rica, you'll understandably be attracted by Tamarindo vacations. The tiny country's Pacific northwest is flanked on the one side by pristine white sand and on the other by rain forests that creep into the national parks and mountainous areas of the interior. Costa Rica is home to 850 bird species and 1,200 orchid species. With an array of eco-systems and astounding biodiversity, the country is a naturalist's delight, and you know that.

    What to Enjoy during Tamarindo Vacations

    This jewel of Central America and its 785 miles of exquisite coastline has much to offer. Tamarindo vacations are a good way to make the most of much of it. Accommodations are comfortable and more, with sweeping views of the Pacific's deep blue waters and a variety of activities to choose from. Your villa balcony or veranda are perfect for relaxing as you enjoy the spectacular sunsets of the rainy season or the more subdued--but nonetheless brilliant--ones of the dry season.

    Nearby are countless opportunities for surfing, whether you're a novice or a veteran. You can also scuba dive to enjoy the marine life or the night-blooming cup coral. Maybe deep sea fishing for marlin or mahi mahi would be an experience not to forget. All this is what Tamarindo vacations are all about.

    The hospitality Costa Ricans are famous for will be evident as your resort hosts help you in arranging a guided tour to the breeding grounds of the giant leatherback turtles. You might want to ride horseback along the beach at dawn. Perhaps, though, you're just itching to make tee times at one of the several stellar golf courses within an hour's drive of Tamarindo (maybe even the Trent Jones).

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